Horsebox HBX Range

Horsebox HBX Range

Introducing the beautifully engineered HBX range. A stunning design which delivers the highest levels of comfort and safety for your horse.

Introduction to the HBX Range

The HBX range offers an exquisitely designed horsebox series that prioritizes the utmost comfort and safety for your horse. The range includes the well-known 403, 506, and 511 models, each featuring a sleek aluminium body and an array of intelligent new features.

Advanced Design and Features

Versatile Rear and Front Openings

The HBX horseboxes are engineered with flexibility in mind. The rear of the horsebox can function both as a ramp and a side-hinged door, providing easy access and versatility. Additionally, the front windows offer customizable ventilation options, allowing you to open them fully or partially to suit different conditions.

Durable Aluminium Construction

The entire structure of the HBX horsebox, including the sides, floor, and ramps, is crafted from high-quality aluminium planking. This lightweight yet robust material ensures that the horsebox is easy to tow without sacrificing strength. Anodised sides and ramps deliver a smooth, sophisticated finish that is both attractive and easy to maintain.

Models for Every Need

HBX-403: The Single Horsebox Solution

The HBX-403 model is specifically designed to transport a single horse up to 16.2 hands high (hh). As a single horsebox, it provides more stall width than the larger double horseboxes, ensuring your horse has ample space and comfort during transit.

HBX-506 and HBX-511: Double Horseboxes

For those needing to transport two horses, the HBX-506 and HBX-511 models are ideal. The HBX-506 can accommodate two horses up to 16.2hh, while the HBX-511 is suited for two horses up to 17.2hh. Both models offer options for a front ramp or a built-in tack locker, catering to different user preferences and needs.

Customization Options

Enhanced Safety and Comfort

To further enhance the safety and comfort of your horse, the HBX range offers several customizable options. These include padded breast and breeching bars, additional side padding, and the ability to fit a side awning via the standard awning rail.

Download the Brochure

For comprehensive details about the HBX range and to explore all available features and options, please download our brochure. This will provide you with in-depth information to help you choose the perfect horsebox to meet your needs.


The HBX range stands out in the market due to its exceptional design, intelligent features, and commitment to horse safety and comfort. Whether you need a single or double horsebox, the HBX models offer reliable and stylish solutions that make transporting your horse a smooth and secure experience.

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Various options and accessories are available for your trailer. Some may need to be ordered with your trailer as a factory fit item, while others can be purchased at a later date. Please check with your distributor before ordering.